A downloadable game

Brew and sell potions to customers during the day - prep during the night

Drink potions to survive your enemies and the harsh elements!

Unlock spells to help serve the ever increasing demand

And move on to the next town in search of new ingredients, recipes and spells

Before your time runs out...

Featuring physics fun, procedural colour mixing and endless different customers - Potions! will have you balancing time, magic and ingredients to stay in business!

* Currently working on version 1.2 - new demo coming soon*


Version 0.1.03

Bug fixes and stability


Version 0.1.01

Fixed a bug where saving didn't store the correct day

Added infinite colour combos for final region customers!


Version 0.1.0

Demo Version 0.1.0

See Development Log for details!


Demo 0.0.2

Updated the Telekenesis spell to be more responsive and offer better control


Demo is available as we work towards the full game

Feedback is welcome from the demo as we look to finalize the full version



Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRockwell Studios
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Colorful, Fantasy, Fast-Paced, Physics, Pixel Art, Real-Time, Retro, Tycoon, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Development log


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Hey, I am really excited for this game! I cant wait for the full release, In the mean time is there a patreon I could sub to?

Thanks so much! I was really close to Version 1 for Xmas, but still some things to add/polish.. There’s still more I’d love to do to the game, but I think it’s nearly ready to go! No Patreon at the moment sorry, I’ll look into it :]

Okay thanks! Happy new year!

Finally got a full version out! 

Happy New Year!

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That’s awesome!! I can’t wait to play it!! I’m gonna buy it in the morning!



Hey! I was just wondering how I would go about purchasing the game, Its really cool.

Hi! Thanks for your comment :)- I'm working on the release version right now and aiming to get a version 1.0 out for sale ASAP. I'd like to get it done before xmas - will keep you posted though


Okay, tysm. I really like the game and the feel, keep doing your best!

When I try to click the X on the cauldron, nothing was happening, can someone help?

Is there a gurgling sound? Should remove what’s in the cauldron - maybe we need a clearer visual

I have a glitch i cant full screen, its windowed but the resolution is the same as my monitor so some is cutting off and I cant shrink it please fix :)

Hi there - if you press alt+enter it will go full screen, I will look into that as default :)

Now at 0.2.2 it works Perfect! I cant wait to full release :D


Hi! Would you be interested in a Spanish translation for this game? If you are, please contact me!


Thanks for the offer!

Hello I played Demo and at first two times i started the game There Was no Sound, but at third attempt it was good everythings works. I think ur Game is awesome ,buying ingridients to sell them with highier amount. Nice mechanics and i just Love PixelArt ! Great Job ! :D

Thanks so much! Sorry about the sound, I'll look into it :)


I played the demo. just the first bunch of days at the home area, and let me tell you I loved it. It's so fun with the design, and the characters, and the premises, and the entire idea of making potions! I love it all. The hardest part is figuring out the telekinesis mechanic, especially because you can't move fast with it. 

Thanks for playing! A few people have found the telekenesis a bit tricky so I'm going try and improve it